Saturday, September 23, 2006

Light a Million Candles

Hey people. It's been a long LONG time since i've been here, but I've just come across something which I have to put out there.

Recently there's been this clip on TV telling us about child pornography and how more children are being put out on the net.
The avergae age of a child being "displayed" is 9. Just imgaine, innocent cretures such as them being portrayed like this for the world to see.
Children who've experienced this, will probably never forget it.
It'll be like a horrible nightmare playing over and over again in their heads for (probably) the rest of their lives.

This really grabbed me, which why i'm telling you this.
By going to this website, you can light a candle for them.
They don't need your money, just your support.


Monday, July 03, 2006


My oh my, long time no post liao. I think I speak for everyone when i said that. Haha, how's everyone, not much update except from the reports of Minjie from Lynn. Funny thing that we only hear about him on this blog when he is away.

Let's move on, I'm definitely not here to talk about Jie, I'll leave that to Lynn. I wanna talk about the FIRE conference that happened over the last weekend. It was really happening sia. Bonnke was a really inspiring with his simple yet passionate preaching. His illustrations were fresh and interesting, captivating his audiences with sharing his love for Jesus, with the emphasis of saving souls for Him. In his words "Hell empty, Heaven Full!"

The heart of this 60+ year old evangelist is for Africa and his mission: to see 100 million souls saved in this decade. So far up to now, he already has more than 40 millions recorded dedications to Jesus! How does he do that? Simply GO for Jesus.

Here's some of the highlights that he preached:
"The Bible says 'Young men see visions and old men dream dreams', but I say to the old men that its time to wake up. If not the dreams will always remain dreams."
"God work with the workers, He runs with the runners, but he doesn't sit with the sitters"
He also said that some Christians are frozen: after they received Christ, they freeze themselves. Cold to the world of unsaved and preserve themselves for heaven
And why be a millionaire in this world where things will perish, be a SOUL millionaire!

As I sit and listen, my heart beats to the resonance of the passion of his life. It also echoes what I have been telling my care group for the last few sessions. So young people, what is your passion and desire for God in life? Its time for you to thaw yourself and GO out there. For God has called all of us to be fishers of men.

Remember how many times we have felt God's touch only to go back and choose to be the way we were. How we believe the devil that its normal for us to just be fired up during conferences and camps only to go back and lead our old lives. My friends, we need to keep the passion a raging fire and not just a flame. For if we do not fuel it, by doing what God has set out or called us to do, it'll eventually go out.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Post Myanmar Syndromes

MINGALABA! haha I"m back!!! :P btw. that's hello in burmese! haha :P e trip was TREMENDOUSLY good. hahaha never expected it to be that good. mel and i have to agree with each other that tho we're back, our minds are very much still in myanmar. haha everything here is reminding me of myanmar. and as obvious as it can be. NO REGRETS! haha.

I thought that 2 weeks might be a little too long for me. hurhur. totally wrong. i dint miss home at all. while i'm missing myanmar in jus 2 days back here. ha :P thanks to everyone for ur prayers ( and a personal thanks to my prayer partner, JOEL!!! u remembered to pray right? hehe) hmm. we did have some ups and downs during trips but e ups definitely beat the downs. heh :P

we arrived there on sat afternoon feeling warm and all. the temperature there was a big difference from the temperature in tha airplane! phew.. so hot. ha but yeap we soon got used to it. checked into our hotel and off we went to the supermarket jus across the street. ha i was given the task of handling money. i nv felt so rich in my life. i carried money is 200 thousands. ha seem like a lot of money right. 670 jaat is 1 sing dollar. that's how different the currency is! hurhur. having a meal cld cost us 100thousand! hahaha :P

we had kidsgames at MICT for 3 days. e kids were soooooo polite. so different from us singapore kids. tho they're so small, they insisted on carrying our heavy stuff for us! haha e small girls look too small to carry the big laptop bag, but they still do. ha :P i led them in action songs for kidsgames. they did it with such enthusiasm no matter hw times i repeated e same song! they never got sick of it!

our journey continued with the youth leader's training at SFOT (School for Officer's Training) in myanmar. that lasted for a week. and during the week was water festival! one of the most happening thing there! haha :P it was water festival for a good 4 days but we only went out for one day which was enough to get me sun burnt and totally drenched. they have stages like all of the road and many water hose on the stage den when u pass by in a vehicle, people on stage will splash water at you.. haha so fun! :P one of a kind experience. den came the next day when all 7 of us was down. some fever, diarrhoea, vomitting, headaches. everything. all 7 of us. ha:P i wonder wat we ate. oh well. we recovered in a day and were back on track soon. mel and i shared with the youth leaders on what changi corp youths has been doing as well. :) tho we were nervous, i thank God for whatever he has helped me to share and pray that what we shared will have some impact on the leaders in any way.

we continued to fellowship and to learn from uncle andy. the 4 of us girls also made friendship bands for all the leaders. that's 60 bands in 2 days! haha acheivement! :P we also learnt a burmese song from them. haha that's another acheivement! tho we're not perfect in prounounciation, the idea is there! :P the last three days were spent at this place (i honestly dunno wat place that is haha) it was on the 8th storey and guess wat? they dun have a lift!!! hahaha we climbed the stairs everyday for 3 days! phew. and tat place was like a full day sauna. the electricity will be cut off during some time of the day and we had only one generator to support a 3 aircons and a few fans for 150 people. hot man. ha. but. we survived! :P yeap.

well. we developed lots of new friendships. bonded closer between 7 of us. learnt new things about leadership. learnt burmese (quite interesting actually). and this is definitely my most fun trip even out of my trips to malaysia! :) i definitely am missing myanmar tonnes! u all should come if u can next year too!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

"Yours, truly" : the truth behind the journey to the cross

Hi to all! we are having an evangelical good friday programme this coming 14th of april 2006 (this friday). It is going to be a time of praising, a time of reliving the journey of Jesus to the cross Read more..

Friday, April 07, 2006

Is it really possible?!

Here's just a short entry of something quite spectacular and mind boggling. Okie so here's what happened. Most of you should now know that I have commenced work at Spageddies as a "runner" or serving food. Anyway, after my first day of work, I had a dream that I was serving food in a very busy restaurant. A different restaurant and I can still roughly describe the layout of the restaurant. There was this girl who was also serving food but I didn't know who that girl was. The dream goes on...

Amazingly, when I went for work the following day, there she was! Or at least it looked like the girl in my dreams. Weird? Stunning? Is this possible?

Has this happened to anyone else before? HAHA.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SAY Convention

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Movie outing TOMORROW!

This is abit of a last minute outing, since everyone (inclusive of me) is running a tight schedule. We will be watching the sequel to the very funny, "Ice Age". I believe Kar Leong and gang will be meeting earlier for dinner but if you can't make it for the dinner gathering, the movie is at 7.30 pm at Lido. Do inform Kar Leong or anyone who says "contact me" in the tag board area, know that you are coming so that we can wait for you or buy tix for you.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Try this..

This just in, I have been told that if you stare at the extreme 4 corners of your ceiling repeatedly, moving right each time for 3 consecutive rounds, seated at where you are, that you will experience that you are in a circular shaped room rather than a square or rectagular shaped room! Amazing! Try it..Remeber to turn 3 rounds for it to work properly.

APRIL FOOL! suckers. Yeah yeah yeah! 1 for Joel zero for you! =)

A different kind of army

It has been confirmed! The boss of spageddies called to inform me that I was hired for the job. I will be starting next week as a trainee in the kitchen for the first 2 weeks, under the supervision of a trainer and to get used to the food before being able to take orders and serve the customers. One successful interview.

I hope my next interview will just be as successful. I was called for an interview by SMU for the business course which was one of my five options. It will be held this wednesday and I heard there will be a debate session?! essay writing and what not.. Scary! Please pray for me, that the interview will be smooth and that I will get the position in SMU.

Speaking of scary, afew of my school mates have just received their enlistment letters! Most of them will be enlisted in June which leaves just about 2 months more before getting drafted into army! I don't know if I got my letter yet. My parents are out of town and I think the letters get sent to the office. Our Army, the decisive force!

BUT I want to go for the Germany mission trip too. =(

Friday, March 31, 2006

70%, I like!

I'll let the picture speak for itself!